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Managed Data Pipelines, Data Warehouse, and Transform Automation

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How it works


Connect your data sources with a few clicks

No need to hire data engineers

120+ Connectors out of the box

Ability to add custom connectors


Simple Transforms

No programming, no arcane syntax

Powerful editor makes it easy to find data and compose queries.


One click Transform scheduling and snapshotting


Sync your favorite BI Tools

Mozart Data is a world class,
end-to-end data stack for everyone.

Managed Data Warehouse optimized for Analytics

No maintenance, no headaches Fast Queries

Professional analyst support if you want it

Understand what your data is telling you

Reports and dashboards

Save Money

We pass our bulk server discounts on to you

“We know where our data is and what we want from itbut don’t have the resources or capacity to build a big data team.” 

Summer Watson

VP Technology, SLANG Worldwide 

Mozart connects over 120 data sources out of the box.

No coding, just a few clicks.