Focus on the insights,
we’ll build you the right data pipeline.

Mozart Data automates most of the work data engineers and analysts traditionally do to spin up and run a modern data stack.

We manage your data warehouse, build and maintain your ETL pipelines, and build scheduled transforms to fit your needs.

Introducing Mozart Data

Companies can’t easily analyze their data because it’s spread across a variety of SaaS tools like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Shopify.  Instead, they either spend lots of time downloading CSVs and joining them in Excel, or settle for solutions to deliver insights on only one of these data sources at a time.

“We know where our data is and what we want from it, but don’t have the resources or capacity to build a big data team.”

- Summer Watson, 

VP Technology at SLANG Worldwide

Mozart collects and organizes data from a growing number of SaaS tools, making it accessible in whatever data-visualization tool you want to use.


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