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Your Best BI Tool Matches

We recommend easy-to-setup yet robust options that can scale with you


starting from $XX /mo

Fastest SQL to chart visualization
Optimized for analyst workflows
SQL-centric and highly flexible
Allows for custom visualizations with JS frameworks
Supports Python + R notebooks
Facilitates explosion of data content and duplication of work at scale

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starting from $85 /mo

Fast and easy to deploy
Easy exploration for non-technical users
Notebook editor allows for complex, in-depth analysis
Robust alerting and scheduling features
Ability to embed analytics in your own app (white-label)

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Need data-driven culture beyond BI tools?

A BI tool alone won't address your biggest data challenges. Talk to our team today about your root issues.

Trusted by data-driven companies
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Mozart Data is a world class, end-to-end stack for everyone

“We know where our data is and what we want from it, but don’t have the resources or capacity to build a big data team.” 

Summer Watson
VP Technology, SLANG Worldwide 


No coding, just a few clicks.

Mozart connects over 300 data sources out of the box.

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