The Data-Driven Start-Up Program

Get access to 30 hours of data analyst time and 3 months of Mozart Data to make your start-up truly data-driven.

How it works




Book an onboarding call

Review your data challenges and goals to put together a 3-month plan with our data lead.

Execute your data plan

Connect, clean, and combine all your data into your Snowflake data warehouse.

Become data-driven

Query and visualize data to generate insights and make data-driven decisions.

What do start-ups get out of the program?
30 hours of data analyst time
over 3 months
3 free months of Mozart Data
including a Snowflake data warehouse
300+ SaaS integrations
with custom integrations available upon request
Write SQL to transform and clean data
Create new reports/visualizations
ie: marketing attribution, churn, net dollar retention, lifetime value
Automate existing reporting
no more copy and pasting from CSVs
Board deck preparation
How would start-ups use their data analyst time?

Award-winning data platform

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Trusted by data-driven companies
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“Mozart Data lets us spend all our BI efforts on deriving value from our data. Not having to spend cycles maintaining the infrastructure and working with inferior tools has helped us move faster.” 

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Todd McNeal
Co-Founder, Reflect

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