Hiring a Data Analyst

When and How to Find the Right Fit for Your Team

Great data analysts can help companies become truly data-driven, where data insights lead to decisions; as opposed to committing to a strategy based on gut feeling.

But before an analyst can help a team, they have to be hired. Hear from a panel of leaders at Google Cloud, thredUP, and Rackhouse VC on their tips for hiring your first data analyst.

What you'll learn:​ 

  • The right time to hire a data analyst

  • The best places to find great analysts

  • The skills — hard and soft — to look for in analyst candidates

  • How to set new hires up for success

Colin Zima headshot.jpeg

Colin Zima

Director of Product

Google Cloud

Jessica Kirkpatrick headshot.jpeg

Jessica Kirkpatrick

Senior Data Science Manager


Kevin Novak headshot.jpeg

Kevin Novak

Founder & Managing Partner

Rackhouse VC


Peter Fishman

CEO & Co-Founder

Mozart Data

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