Built in reporting tools (i.e. salesforce reports or google analytics) are pretty good. But they only show a narrow slice of the business. It takes a lot of mental bandwidth to switch from marketing, sales, customer service and keep it all in your head at once. 


When you’re evaluating the campaigns that impact the bottom line and the ones that just waste time, it’s critical to look at the full funnel.


Spreadsheets are incredibly useful to quickly analyze some data. But when you’re spending hours importing CSVs, pasting in index/match formulas you found online and creating a table of contents for all your tabs, it’s worth it to put your data together in a better way.


It’s a powerful feeling to have all your data at your fingertips. Imagine starting a Monday with a table of all the metrics that matter to your business. Numbers you can trust, where you can see what’s working as planned and what needs your attention.

It’s like having a super-power and frees up your energy to avoid spinning in uncertainty and focus on what matters.

How it works


Automatically pull your data sources with a few clicks

Clean and transform your data into the metrics that matter

One-click scheduling, snapshotting, and version control

Sync your favorite
BI tools, Google Sheet, or reverse ETL


There’s some genuine magic that happens when your data starts coming together. Don’t be surprised if you feel an urge to show off to your team, your boss, or anybody who will listen. 

People often report feeling something akin to the excitement they felt when they first joined onto the project. Seeing the road ahead and knowing you have the tools to navigate it is a powerful feeling that sparks curiosity.


Seeing a data warehouse come together is exciting and pretty reports in a meeting can inspire some pride. The real reward is the impact to your business's bottom line. To see your bets pay off and watch your balance sheet improve is as satisfying as business gets. After all, the purpose of data driven decisions isn’t pretty reports, it’s a big, happy customer base.


The best time to invest in your data stack was years ago. The next best time is today. Get in touch with us today and see how Mozart Data can help you make the most out of your data.

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“We know where our data is and what we want from itbut don’t have the resources or capacity to build a big data team.” 

Summer Watson
VP Technology, SLANG Worldwide