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Organizing data has never been easier

Lay the foundation for efficient data work and scaling

Quickly navigate to the data you need

Spend your valuable time and energy on project work, not searching through tables. Favorite tables and see your 10 most recent tables at the top of your dashboard so you can quickly get to the data you work with most.

Organize however you want

Tag your tables and transforms to group them by project, team, status, or anything else. As you scale, everyone can easily find the data they’re looking for.

Document your data with table and column descriptions

Help anyone quickly understand your source data and transforms. Make it easier to onboard new employees.

“Mozart Data was the best path to robust insights given the timeline and our small team.”

Data Cataloging

Tyler Chartier

Lead Technical Manager

Frequently Asked Questions


What is data cataloging?

Data cataloging is the process of organizing your data so it can be easily found and understood. By tagging, labeling, and documenting all your data assets, you’ll work more efficiently. It’s also easier to scale your data team when knowledge about your data is widely available and not locked in someone’s head.

Become a data maestro
Spend more time on data analysis and less time wrangling your data
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