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Get complete visibility into your data pipelines

Identify and fix problems faster

Track changes with version history

Get to the root of broken transforms by seeing version changes and who made them.

View run history to make troubleshooting easier

See when your transforms were manually and automatically run. Identify when a transform fails so you can start troubleshooting.

Use data lineage to monitor your entire data pipeline

Reveal what data transforms and reports are relying on and quickly trace errors back to their source. Best of all, Mozart infers lineage so you don’t have to set it up yourself.

“The platform has been rock solid and has required zero maintenance on our part. In a previous role we had maintained our data stack, and being able to avoid things like diagnosing slow queries, maintaining infrastructure, and capacity planning is such an improvement.”

Data Observability

Todd McNeal


Frequently Asked Questions


What is data observability?

Data observability is the ability to see what’s happening in your data pipelines and monitor the health of your data. Maintaining data observability is critical for rapidly troubleshooting problems and ensuring your data is reliable.

Become a data maestro
Spend more time on data analysis and less time wrangling your data
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