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Make insights accessible with data transformation

Organize, clean, and manipulate your data

Decrease time to insight by 70%

Deduplicate reports, unify conventions, or make other changes to your data before it's used downstream in your BI tool. Cut straight to what's important and work with accurate, clean information.

Create a universal source of truth

Prevent confusion and arguments with a universal source of truth that every team can pull from. Everyone looks at the same numbers, reports on the same metrics, and arrives at the same answer.

Save time and money

Automate transforms by scheduling them in advance. And as your data grows, use incremental transforms to process large volumes of data quickly while keeping your compute cost low.

"We took our data models and flattened them a lot, and that made the data structure much easier to use. That way our customer success team, or our engineering team, or anyone else, could actually go in and answer questions on their own without writing a really complicated SQL query that would require them to understand the data model."

Data Transformation

Matt Marcus

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Frequently Asked Questions


How does Mozart Data's transform tool work?

Our tool is built on a SQL editor because it provides robust capabilities — without requiring you to learn special syntaxes or create config files.


How do I automate data transformation?

Write the transform first. Then, use our transform editor to select how often you want it to run or define a custom schedule. And with a single click you can turn on snapshots, which will automatically run once a day, so you can easily track historical data over time.


Can your transform tool handle large volumes of data?

Absolutely. We manage hundreds of billions of rows of data for our customers each month.

Become a data maestro
Spend more time on data analysis and less time wrangling your data
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