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Access all your data in one place

Centralize and store your data in a data warehouse

Get a Snowflake data warehouse or bring your own

Instantly set up a Snowflake data warehouse through Mozart Data. If you already have a Snowflake account, plug it into Mozart in minutes to connect to 300+ data sources.

A comprehensive view of your data

Get one simple interface for viewing all your data sources, transforms, and snapshots. Find the data you need in seconds by searching across all your tables.

Speed up analysis

Querying your production database is slow. Decrease query times by switching to a data warehouse, which is designed to handle large volumes of data.

"Mozart was super simple to set up! Our production database and segment events were populated in our new data warehouse (that Mozart provisioned for us) just minutes after signing up. Without Mozart, it would have taken us days to weeks to get everything set up and working well together."

Data Warehouse

Daniel Erickson

Founder & CEO

Frequently Asked Questions


Why does Mozart Data use a Snowflake data warehouse?

Mozart Data offers a best-in-class modern data stack, which is why we chose to partner with Snowflake — the leading cloud data warehouse. Snowflake is extremely secure, supports standard SQL so you don’t have to learn a new programming language, and makes it easy to control your costs since you only pay for what you use.


Can we directly access our warehouse in Snowflake?

Yes. While you have access to your warehouse through Mozart Data, we also give you your Snowflake credentials so you can access your warehouse directly through Snowflake.


Do we own our data?

Although we provide you with a warehouse, you’ll continue to own your data. Should you decide to transition off of Mozart, your data goes with you.

Become a data maestro
Spend more time on data analysis and less time wrangling your data
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