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Become a Data-Driven Company

Learn how and when you should hire a data analyst

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What's in the eBook?

The eBook contains all of the information needed for a company to decide when it is time to start looking for a data analyst, what to look for in an analyst, and how to find an analyst that actually fits the need.

Topics include:
  • The types of business questions that indicate an immediate use for a data analyst

  • The soft skills great data analysts all have

  • The places to look for analyst candidates

  • Interview questions and strategies to make sure the necessary hard and soft skills are present in a candidate

Who is this guide for?
Start-ups and other companies that aren’t sure if they need a data analyst

Companies that know they need a data function, but aren’t sure what the right fit is for their team

Companies that have hired data analysts in the past and have been less-than-satisfied with outcomes
No coding, just a few clicks.
Mozart connects over 300 data sources out of the box.
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