When to Buy, Build, or Outsource Your Data Stack

You’ve got a few options for setting up your data infrastructure. You can buy all the components needed, you can build them, or you can outsource the work to an agency or contractor.

Each option has its pros and cons, so how do you choose the right option for your company? 

What you'll learn:​ 

  • How data leaders at Pinterest and Cloud9 Esports have decided the best way to set up their data infrastructure

  • The pros and cons of buying, building, and outsourcing

  • Why you should and shouldn't put off setting up a data stack

Jessica Larson headshot.jpeg

Jessica Larson

Data Engineer


Mike Ouye headshot.jpeg

Mike Ouye

SVP Product & General Manager

Cloud9 Esports


Peter Fishman

CEO & Co-Founder

Mozart Data

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